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I am Nurit Kalderon, Ph.D., a neuroscientist conducting research on the cellular response and mechanisms following injury to the spinal cord. Based on this research, I had developed promising therapies for the treatment of spinal cord injury. Since August 2000 I have been the principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant, R01 NS039375, that was awarded to me to continue and develop these therapies for clinical trials. The funded project yielded an effective treatment that has been ready for testing in clinical trials since early 2007.
I am also, under duress —since March 2006— a whistleblower about misuse of the R01 NS039375 —investigator-initiated— research grant and a related disruption by several NIH grant administrators of the funded research to cure paralysis.

Misuse of Funds, Retaliation & Uphill Battle for Recovery

This promising funded research was stopped dead in its tracks by several NIH grant administrators who —in early 2006— instead of transferring to a new institution misused and diverted my NIH grant's funds into unauthorized purposes. Consequently, since April 2006 —for no good reason— I do not have access to my grant's funds, my research projects were discontinued and scientific career has been decimated.

Most devastating, the attempts of the Grants Compliance & Oversight Division at NIH, from June 2007 through February 2008, to retrieve the misused funds and reinstate my research project at NYU (New York University) were deliberately derailedusing intimidation and harassment with the knowledge, approval and/or acquiescence of the upper echelons at the Office of the NIH Director.

In November 2008 I filed a complaint in federal court against these financial administrators and their collaborators, seeking relief and restitution for violating inter alia constitutional and civil rights. The case is at the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit.

Support for Recovery: Donations to the Support Fund

The past four years of litigations and up-hill battle to restore my research to cure paralysis and scientific career and to regain employment have resulted in astronomical debts.  Any contributions to my Support Fund are very much appreciated.

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